A new section of Twisted Sisters is now open and needs riding to harden the surface. You can get to it by riding up the ridge from Hemiptera or from Odanata corner, on the north side of Kicking Horse Trail. It will be put on Trail Forks soon.
Keep riding north, on the ridge; you will see the section that opened about a month ago, that stays on the ridge, which will bring you to a road. Ride this road for about 400 m north.
Starting there, you will be riding a shared trail (motorbikes and bikes) which will be used for now. It is a very good section of trail, about 1.2 km that is already built. Do not give a hard time to motorbikes if you see them as it is their trail. Keep your ears open for their sound but not a lot of people ride this section. Sign will be put at some point saying that this section is shared.
When getting to the power line, keep riding north for about 200 m and turn right. This is the new section of trail which is bike only; it is about 1 km long, just got finished and berms and corners are soft but already rides quite well. More riders will make it flow better.
When you get to the landing, you need to turn around and go back up for now (it is an out and back). Work will start soon on the following section but it will a month or more before it is ready.
Have fun!