This year the GCC grass roots Tricycle Race is scheduled to be a fun event on September 16. We run this event in partnership with Kicking Horse Mountain Resort. New this year also is Jan Kotyk’s logo for the race which is also the feature image in this post. Thanks, Jan!!

The race can be done solo or in a team of three. It is not a race ridden on tricycles, but rather a race intended to be ridden on three different cycles. it begins on a downhill course set by the team at the bike park of KHMR. The riders then tag off to a cross country rider at the base of the ski hill who will ride a course in the CBT/Moonrakers area. At Spirit Square, in downtown Golden, the XC rider will tag the final team member who will ride a townie beer criterium to the finish. A criterium is a race segment generally ridden by roadies where riders compete to determine who can ride the greatest number of laps on a short course in a predetermined amount of time. In this case it is 45 minutes. The team, or solo rider, to complete the event with the fastest times, wins the race. Oh ya. The townie criterium rider must ride on a townie bike with only one speed and must digest a pint of beer in less than 20 seconds at the Taps in order to complete their segment.

Registration is open to all club members. The reason it is only open to club members relates to the insurance we buy for the event.  The cost for a team or solo rider is $30. All proceeds go back into the race prizes and into trails in Golden. No one lines their pockets on our club events! The first 60 riders to register will also get a race tech shirt included in their registration. Hers’s how you register.

On this website go to the calendar and find this event on September 16. Click on the “book now” button and fill in the solo or team information. Pay your registration and you are in.

Also, if you think this sounds great, you want to be a part of it, but you don’t want to race, think about being a priceless volunteer for the event. We need about 12 volunteers to make it happen. Email our volunteer coordinator – – if you are interested in helping out. You will get a cool logo’d shirt as well for your efforts.

More information will follow as we approach race day. However, we are calling out to all members to make this a great season ending event by signing up early. This will allow us to plan for a great day! If you need a GCC membership they can also be purchased on our website before you register for the event.