Trail #: 25
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Moonrakers >>
Distance: 2.34km
Elevation Gain: 74m
Elevation Loss: 63m
Average Grade: 1%


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Wapiti travels the corridor between the canyon and Sander Lake.  It’s also the access point to or from Sternwheeler and the Gudjonson Trailhead.[read more]

Typically, Wapiti is a main artery trail that you will likely use on your way to other trails.  Wapiti is much less rooty and typically drier compared to its sister trail Klayhowya.  This is the type of cross country trail where you can put the hammer down to get in a bit of a cardio workout on your ride.  Expect a few short moderate ups interspersed with a some cruisey downs.  Wapiti is commonly used in both directions so keep an eye open for on coming riders.

As of fall 2016, Wapiti Ridge now runs all the way to Sander Lake from the canyon.  What used to be the east side of Ptarmigan Trot has been incorporated into Wapiti Ridge as part of a naming re-configuration by GCC in an attempt to ease navigation for new users.

Note: Wapiti is derived from the Cree word for Elk.

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