Trail #: 53
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Mountain Shadows >>
Distance: 1.61km
Elevation Gain: 76m
Elevation Loss: 69m
Average Grade: 0%

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Trial & Error is mainly used to reach Rock About.  Nonetheless it has a couple of cool sections.  Look at the map and you’ll see that Trial & Error is a loop  branching off the south end of Magic Dragon.  The loop has an east and a west side to it.

The east side of the Trial & Error loop has a fast straightway, riding through a corridor of trees.  At the far end you reach the turn offs for Rock About.  It is most common to ride the east side of the Trial & Error loop to and from Rock About.[read more]

The west side of the Trial & Error loop yields a little more technical riding.  It is less commonly ridden since most riders are just thinking about the quickest way to Rock About.  However, it’s way more interesting than the east side of the loop.  From the north end of Trial & Error go right at the fork to enter onto the west side of the Trial & Error loop.  Only 50m from the fork you’ll hit a short rocky descent.  It’s steepish, but still fairly easy to check your speed with breaking.  Continuing on, you reach a super cool short, techy, rocky section.  From there continue on until you hit a skidder road.  Go left to continue on to both the Trial & Error loop or Rock About.

The west side of the Trial & Error is usually ridden counter clockwise because of the aforementioned steep bit.

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