Trail #: 68
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Mount 7 >>
Distance: 0.63km
Elevation Gain: 0m
Elevation Loss: 83m
Average Grade: 13%

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This trail is a great finisher that gets you to Reflection Lake Road. It was the end portion of the old Psychosis DH race. If you are coming from the Summit,  5K, or 3K then you will end up on this trail.[read more]

As you enter onto Snake Hill you can choose between the left or right routes. The right route is a wooden table top feature that can be rolled or gapped, and the left route is the ride-around option. Following that is fast single track with an abrupt left turn.  There are roots to negotiate, but you can keep your speed. Keep your eye out for riders as there is an access trail that crosses the trail.  The trail finishes off with big berms (hence the name Snake Hill) and an optional gap jump at the end.

You can also access the Snake Hill portion from the Mt Shadows network to add a little spice to the end of your cross country ride.

Note: after the first 20m upon entering the top of Tail Gate there is a short trail branching to the left.  This is Tail Gate Alternate, #69 on the map and travels 190m over to Roller Coaster in the Mtn Shadows.

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