Trail #: 63
Type: Downhill
Trail Network: Mount 7 >>
Distance: 3.90km
Elevation Gain: 107m
Elevation Loss: 695m
Average Grade: 15%

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A long and flowy traverse contouring from the summit launch to just below the B12 start point.  A true classic, Summit makes for an excellent run for anyone unsure about taking on the challenging downhill descents that otherwise brand the mountain.  Currently, it is the only intermediate trail found on the upper slopes of Mt 7.[read more]

Start from the Mt 7 summit launch below the memorial site.  There are a few quick corners before dropping below an old cabin and into a fast sidehill decent.  Note, there is an alternate entrance starting right out of the parking lot at the cabin.

After the major switchback just past the cabin, you reach your first junction.  Branch right to stay on Summit (Moonshine continues on the left).  Continuing down you’ll pass the lefthand entrance onto 10K.  Enjoy great views throughout the trail, particularly from the launch site.  Be sure to watch for steep exposure as the trail flows across several steep sidehills.

Finish with a section of double track jeep road before intersecting the Bowle-Evans Forest Service Road (keep an eye open for vehicle traffic).  From here you can continue to B12 by pedalling up the road for a hundred meters, or alternatively you can head down the road to the 6K or 5K trails.

You may find hikers on the Summit trail.

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