Trail #: 33
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Moonrakers >>
Distance: 1.23km
Elevation Gain: 21m
Elevation Loss: 127m
Average Grade: 9%

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If starting at the Gudjonson Trailhead, then this is your only option for getting into the trail system.  Well built, and a bit of a grind.  It climbs up for an enjoyable, but tiring, 1.2km.  To save some of your steam, you can jump off early after the first half km and follow up the gentle 2% trail to reach Sander Lake.  Or, if you have the jam, continue climbing the full 1.2km to reach Wapiti Ridge trail.  From the Wapiti junction you can go left or right depending on your preference for getting deeper into the trail network.

You’ll also use Sternwheeler to get back to the Gudjonson Trailhead.

Note:  The name Sternwheeler is an homage to the three trails in the Moonrakers named after local sternwheelers (aka paddlewheelers) which operated on the Columbia River in the early 1900s.

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