Trail #: 65
Type: Downhill
Trail Network: Mount 7 >>
Distance: 1.48km
Elevation Gain: 16m
Elevation Loss: 374m
Average Grade: 24%

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After finishing off Moonshine be sure to catch your breath and take in the spectacular view before dropping into this one.  Skid Marks is a fast and very steep trail that hugs mount 7’s prominent ridge and ties Moonshine to 5K trail.

Features lots of loose and surfy fall line steeps with a few roots and short rocky sections thrown in for good measure.[read more]

Though most sections have good run outs, a few of the steeper pitches are worth scoping if your skills are feeling challenged.  Also be sure not not to miss the steep, mandatory lefthand switchback wrapped in remnants of old safety netting.

The steeps begin to mellow out a little after passing the exit of Erich’s trail, though technical sections and fast snappy corners keep things interesting.

Skid Marks flows right into the the start of 5K, which links to the 3K trail to continue your ridge line race run all the way to the valley bottom.

Keep in mind that while a true Mt. 7 classic, this is an advanced downhill trail with sustained steeps and no real cheater lines.  In addition to the prolonged steeps, silty soils make this a really sporty trail pick in wet conditions.

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