Trail #: 44
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Mountain Shadows >>
Distance: 1.26km
Elevation Gain: 70m
Elevation Loss: 39m
Average Grade: 2%

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Where the town ends at the top of the gravel pit, and the forestry roads take you into the wilderness, Selkirk Slacker will be your entry point into the Mountain Shadows noodle bowl of trails.  On this trail you’ll find smooth flow with a bit of climbing.

From Reflection Lake Trailhead ride uphill  for 200m on the gravel road passing the rodeo grounds on your right.  At the 200m point, you will see a signed entrance for the singletrack trail Rodeo Drive (#43).  Take Rodeo Drive (#43) all the way up to a 4 way junction at a gravel road.  The signed entrance to Selkirk Slacker (#44) will be just to your right. [read more]

Selkirk Slacker starts off fairly flat and flowy.  Then after a short descent, it heads south and begins to gain elevation crossing the Snake Hill (#68) downhill trail  – Look uphill!  It then continues crossing over Roller Coaster (#48) and Chute the Duck (#47).  It’s reasonable to climb up Chute the Duck, but it’s steep. Make noise to let those coming down know you’re there. Alternatively, turning down Chute the Duck leads down to the Reflection Lake road, but it is not great for bikes.  Selkirk Slacker eventually flows naturally into Reflection Lake Trail (#45) to continue to the Powerline.  Now your warm up is over!

Selkirk Slacker is also a fun descent on your return, letting you enjoy riding your bike and not just squeezing the brakes!

Selkirk Slacker was built and named for the folks who live on Selkirk Hill. These slackers did not want to descend to Reflection Lake just to gain access to the Mountain Shadows trails.  Now its the preferred entrance to the trail system.  Give thanks to the Slackers!

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