Trail #: 81
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Mount 7 >>
Distance: 3.96km
Elevation Gain: 406m
Elevation Loss: 88m
Average Grade: 11%


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Schacher provides the first “up” singletrack for Mt 7.  It was built with cross country riders in mind.  Put it in low gear and enjoy the climb.  Scope the berms, bridges and jumps as you wind up Schacher through tall timber.  You’ll be hammering these on the return ride if you choose to retrace your route.[read more]

Currently the trail starts approximately 2.2km up the Mt 7 Rd (Bowle-Evans Rd).  You can link together 7 Up, Bush Party and Woodlot Ride if you wish to avoid much of the road on the way to this point.

Eventually Schacher will run from the bottom of Mt 7 to the summit launch site, but for now it ends near the 6km point on the Mt 7 Rd.

The trail splits near the last 100m of the current high point of Schacher.  For a short, fun little finish at the top, take the right fork onto B52 and fly down it for 500m to the Mt 7 Rd (Bowle-Evans Rd).  You will be spit onto the road directly across from the entry to 5K.  You now have 2 options: i) you can continue onto 5K and ride down from there; or ii) you can ride up the Mt 7 Rd for about 500m to reach the top of Schacher and take it back down.

The Schacher Trail is named after local rider and family man Sean Schacher.  It is in his memory that friends and colleagues were inspired to create this trail.

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