Trail #: 101
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: CBT >>
Distance: 4.04km
Elevation Gain: 52m
Elevation Loss: 244m
Average Grade: 5%


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Finally! A trail connecting KHMR to the CBT Mainline and Moonraker trails.

At the upper end, look for the signed entrance to Scalli Mag along Palliser Trail Rd about 80m from the junction with the ski hill road (ie. Kicking Horse Trail).  Follow singletrack through forested terrain.  About 2km along the trail opens up to double wide terrain while retaining its singletrack nature.  Eventually you will cut back into the forest before being spit out onto the Tallis Forest Service Rd near it’s junction with the ski hill Road.

If starting at the lower end, look for the entrance to Scalli Mag on Tallis FSR about 100m south from the Tallis FSR junction with the ski hill road (Kicking Horse Trail).  Expect a long, slow continuous climb on a moderate gradient.

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