Trail #: 54
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Mountain Shadows >>
Distance: 2.11km
Elevation Gain: 147m
Elevation Loss: 139m
Average Grade: 7%

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Climb the rocks and descend the switchbacks, or climb the switchbacks and descend the rocks? This is the decision that you are faced when you ride Rock About. Both directions are exceptionally rewarding. Coming off the upper part of Trial and Error, and entering Rock About to the left (clockwise), is some of the best technical climbing in the network.  As you climb through the rocks be amazed by the work that went into this trail and take in the views of the valley. Ride the trail to the end of the network and enjoy the many tight downhill switchbacks until you reach a skidder road. Take a right on the skidder road and head back up to Trial and Error. (Note that the best way to return through the network is via the upper part of Trial and Error).

Counterclockwise on Rock About offers a cardio climb through the switchbacks leading to an enjoyable technical descent through the rocks.

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