Trail #: 45
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Mountain Shadows >>
Distance: 1.20km
Elevation Gain: 133m
Elevation Loss: 20m
Average Grade: 9%

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Reflection Lake Trail and Selkirk Slacker are the two entrances into the Mountain Shadows network.  They are equally popular.  Reflection Lake Trail can be found by riding south from the Reflection Lake Trailhead parking area ride south along the paved Mountain Shadows Rd for 500m passing the rodeo grounds on your left and the motorcross track on your right.  At the 500m point, the start of the trail is on your left and is signed “Reflection Lake Trail”.  It is slightly hidden by small trees just past a small sand/gravel pit.
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Reflection Lake Trail winds up for what seems like a long ways.  It’s mostly a gradual climb with a few punchy sections interspersed.  Well built, it’s a great trail to get you warmed up and your blood pumping.

On the return Reflection Lake Trail offers a fast spin back down to the Trailhead.

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