Trail #: 4
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: CBT >>
Distance: 3.68km
Elevation Gain: 155m
Elevation Loss: 129m
Average Grade: 1%

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Old Age & Treachery is a figure 8 type of loop branching off of CBT.  The map and locals consider this section of trail to be one trail under the combined name.  However, the trail signage and the builder actually view it as two distinct trails, with Treachery being the lower loop in the figure 8.[read more]

Old Age is a 1.8km flowy section of blue trail that connects CBT to the southern end of Gold Rush.  The trail takes one briefly along a great rocky section at the edge of the small and quaint Cedar Canyon (not to be confused with the canyon of Canyon Creek).  It has a great steepish, techy descent or ascent (depending on your direction).  A great way to ride this trail is taking it up to CBT from the southern half of Gold Rush.

Treachery is a lower loop off of Old Age.  In a network of exception trails, Treachery doesn’t shine as bright as the others.  Nonetheless, it is 2km of flowy singletrack. Test your skills on the tight corners along Cedar Canyon (again, not to be confused with Canyon Creek).  Treachery can be ridden in both directions.  We recommend counter-clockwise.

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