Trail #: 9
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: CBT >>
Distance: 1.84km
Elevation Gain: 87m
Elevation Loss: 27m
Average Grade: 3%

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A sweet trail that parallels Cedar Creek, it can be used to access the Moonraker and CBT Mainline networks. This trail forms part of the connection to KHMR (via Scalli Mag). Good parking is available on the opposite side of the ski hill road.

This trail rides fastest from north to south.  In this direction Odonata provides speedy, flowy riding with fast cornering.  If continuing on to CBT and back to town, this combination makes for 11km of generally down awesome singletrack.[read more]

If riding up from town, Odonata goes the extra mile to extend the riding experience when ridden from the south as an extension of CBT.  In this direction (going north), riders will find that there is a bit of climbing to be done.  Don’t worry, the return ride heading back down Odonata will offer some reward!  Take time to stop and admire the great bridge work over Cedar Creek.

Yet another variation for a good loop when riding up CBT would be to ride all the way out (north) on Hemiptera to the ski hill road.  Then ride up the paved ski hill road for 1km to the Odonata trail marker. Finish the loop by riding Odonata back to CBT.

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