Trail #: 16
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Moonrakers >>
Distance: 3.70km
Elevation Gain: 172m
Elevation Loss: 101m
Average Grade: 2%

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This excellent trail is one of the upper trails of the main Moonraker trail network.  The closest parking area is the Cedar LakeTrailhead.  From there ride up the Talus Road for approximately 300 meters, the North Star trail entrance and sign is on your left.[read more]

This is a fast and flowy trail that rides in a north-south direction for 3.8 km. It is best value if ridden to towards the south.  North Star is generally a forested trail, but occasionally opens up and travels on a ridge where one can glimpse the Purcell Mountains and Second Cedar Lake.  Along with fast sections, there are some short and punchy climbs that are rewarded with quick engaging descents and railing corners.

There are a couple of intersections along the way.  If riding from the north entrance, there is one intersection in particular, at the 1km point, that rides more naturally into the Cedar Snag Trail.  However, stay hard left to if you want to continue on “North Star”.

At the south end of North Star, the trail naturally flows into your choice of a few short connector trails that link up with many other excellent trails in that area such as Devil’s Slide, Moonraker, and Arrowhead.  Pick one and head to the Canyon Creek lower lookout for a view of the canyon.

Note: North Star gets it’s name from a local Sternwheeler which operated on the Columbia River in the early 1900s.  It one of three trails named after Sternwheelers.

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