Trail #: 64
Type: Downhill
Trail Network: Mount 7 >>
Distance: 1.22km
Elevation Gain: 20m
Elevation Loss: 156m
Average Grade: 11%

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A short but very fun stretch of flowy single track connecting Summit trail to Skid Marks.

Moonshine is the first down hill fork breaking off of Summit trail, look for it shortly after passing under the exit of Dead Dog.   Depending on how rowdy you wish to begin your ride, can be linked by either Summit or Dead Dog from the summit launch pad.[read more]

Littered with natural rolls, whoops and playful jumps, let off the brakes and enjoy the ride as the trail descends through well spaced trees.

Ends in a short but steep climb/ hike a bike up to mount 7’s prominent ridge line, offering a great view before dropping into  Skid Marks.

It’s noteworthy that while featuring approachable lower angle sections, the same can’t be said for Skid Marks which is both significantly steeper and more technical.  At Moonshine’s end, Skid Marks is your only way out as there is no alternative exit.

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