Trail #: 28
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Moonrakers >>
Distance: 1.31km
Elevation Gain: 43m
Elevation Loss: 90m
Average Grade: 4%

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The Moonraker trail could arguable be one of the most flowy and smoothest sections of singletrack on the planet.  Although a short 1.3km in length, it is worth every meter.

This trail was the signature trail of the Moonraker trail system first established as cross-country ski trails circa 1978.  The name comes form Moonraker peak in the headwaters of Canyon Creek.  Subsequently since the 90’s, mountain biking has been the sport of choice on these trails.  Moonraker trail proper definitely brings ear-to-ear grins after one has carved perfect singletrack corners, and rocketed down smooth straightaways.[read more]

This trail is buried in the heart of the Moonraker trail network, so there are many options to get to the start of this trail.  Moonraker Trail is best ridden north to south.  Beware if you are climbing north on Moonraker as riders tend to be moving very fast on this trail heading south.

For best value getting to Moonraker, ride Arrowhead from north to south and then connect to Moonraker via upper Bear Claw.   Also the Cedar Snag and Northstar trails make excellent choices for linking into Moonraker Trail using the same Bear Claw connector which is obvious on the map.

At the southern end of Moonraker you reach Canyon Creek lower lookout for a view and a short break.

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