Trail #: 51
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Mountain Shadows >>
Distance: 1.41km
Elevation Gain: 95m
Elevation Loss: 88m
Average Grade: 1%

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Magic Dragon has several interesting sections of trail which all link together effectively.  A substantial part of this trail is descending if ridden in a counter -clockwise direction (recommended).  When followed up with Huff & Puff and then Chute the Duck, this combo provides one of the best descents to the valley floor.[read more]

Towards it southern half, the height of land for Magic Dragon is marked by a very cool large boulder that will check your shoulder as you pass.  This is also where the trail will generally descend to the north.  If heading north, ride for several hundred meters and then stay left at the intersection with Cliffside, continuing down Magic Dragon.  Hit the hip and then after 25m watch for an easily missed sharp right leading over a drop to another hip banking left.  Alternatively, you can skip the sharp right and continue wrapping around right for 20m for the ride around.  The next intersection is with Huff & Puff.  It is highly recommended to rail this corner to the right, and continue down Huff & Puff for the best value.  However, if you continue straight through this intersection, more options also open up to more trails.

This trail was originally named for the characteristic of the main line riding over a series of huge boulders and woodwork that resembled a Dragon’s back.  The woodwork has recently been removed, unfortunately.

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