Trail #: 32
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Moonrakers >>
Distance: 2.12km
Elevation Gain: 27m
Elevation Loss: 383m
Average Grade: 18%


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Like the peak across the valley from which this trail takes its name, Little Sir Donald (LSD) is steep, long and stunning.  Not so subtly, the name also testifies to the wild and crazy nature of this trail.

Expect arches, skinnies, log rides, steeper sections with medium drops, a ladder drop and rock slab.  As you descend LSD through stunning cedar forest, you’ll find loamy goodness intertwined with all these technical trail features.  Features and stunts should be scouted prior to riding them for the first time.  [read more]

Wet wood is not good!  Beware of slippery features when damp.  Some drops are up to six feet.  Most features have some sort of ride around if you look for it. The trail joins in to Canyon Creek trail for more fast flow all the way back into the Moonrakers.

Dropping into the mid-way entrance of LSD at km 6.8 skips some of the steeps, but not all of them.  From the midway entrance, the trailhead marking the true upper start of LSD can be found 1.7km further up the road at the south end of a small cut block.  Follow the that trail towards the edge of the canyon, finding stunning views on your right.  Don’t get too close.



From Cedar Lake Trailhead follow the road south (left).  On your right is a sign indicating 8.5km to LSD.  Directions from this sign are given here, but in general stay on the main road for 3.7km before turning up right and continuing for another 4.8km.

From the 8.5km sign:

  • 4 km the entrance to North Star is on your left, stay on the main road
  • 5 km don’t go left, stay straight on the main road
  • 0 km don’t go left or right, but stay straight on main road (a yellow 4km Forest Service Road marker is visible)
  • 2 km don’t go left, stay straight on the main road
  • 2 km don’t go right or left, but stay straight on the main road
  • 7 km don’t go left, but instead turn up right off the main road
  • 8km signed entrance for Canyon Creek trail
  • 8km signed entrance for LSD mid-way point
  • 8.5km signed entrance for LSD.  This sign often goes missing; look for the singletrack on the south side of the cut block.

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