Trail #: 49
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Mountain Shadows >>
Distance: 1.95km
Elevation Gain: 78m
Elevation Loss: 72m
Average Grade: 0%

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Named after the trail builder’s dog, this is a true cross country run. This trail can be ridden in either direction and both ways offer technical climbing, flowy riding and technical descending. The most common direction is coming off the lower part of Quentin’s, where you continue straight ahead and go counter-clockwise on Kobe’s. [read more]

This is beautiful cross country that rises, falls and curves along land features. You cross a skidder track and continue the fun until you go through a small cut block. The trail will continue left on the power line road. Crank up a short hill and then you slide back into the singletrack. A grueling cardio climb up two switchbacks leads you to technical climbing through rocks and eventually reaches a junction with Huff & Puff. (Going right onto Huff & Puff will take you to the upper trails). If you continue left on Kobe’s past the junction, you descend with some flow and some great technical areas bringing you back to Quentin’s.

Going clockwise on Kobe’s you get a satisfying techy climb up to the Huff & Puff junction. If you then continue on Kobe’s, what follows is fun riding through the aforementioned rocks to the flowy cross country below.

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