Trail #: 7
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: CBT >>
Distance: 3.63km
Elevation Gain: 153m
Elevation Loss: 83m
Average Grade: 1%

Signature Ride(s)

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Hemiptera (Order: true bug) greets you along the upper section of CBT at a junction of Alpine Meadows and CBT and Hemiptera.  Hemiptera is bidirectional, and rides well either way.  The trail has short punchy climbs in sections and also some signature switchbacks of the local trail builder.[read more]

In the middle of it’s length, the trail pops onto an old access road for a brief section at it’s high point by the communications tower.  Just stay on that access road until your see the signed singletrack back into the forest.  Don’t cut down the BC Hydro Powerline road (unless you have other plans).

A prime use of Hemiptera is to reach the jump trail Hymenoptera.  Hymenoptera branches off the top of Hemiptera in the woods just 100m south of the communications tower. It’s signed.

You can access Hemiptera off of CBT; or off of Odonata; or you can enter it off of the ski hill road (see the map).


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