Trail #: 3
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: CBT >>
Distance: 3.36km
Elevation Gain: 89m
Elevation Loss: 199m
Average Grade: 4%

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Gold Rush is an awesome trail. Period.  Looking at the map you can see it as a 3km long singletrack.  However, for maximum enjoyment the trail can be divided into a southern half and northern half with the midpoint near the BC Hydro Powerline (check it out on the map).[read more]

The southern half of the Gold Rush is two directional, but is gradual downhill (and most enjoyable) when ridden south from the midpoint.  This is a local favourite section for the way it pumps, rolls, and flows. It is a middle ring pedal.  You will find some nice step downs and booters on this route.  If riding up CBT Mainline, think about jumping over to Gold Rush at the Powerline and taking Gold Rush south to Old Age.  From Old Age you head back onto CBT and continue to the top. Alternatively, you can do a loop in the Old Age and Treachery area.

The northern half of Gold Rush is one directional and is a straight shot of downhill adrenaline! Creative riders will take advantage of shifty natural step downs, a couple of gaps, and roost the huge berms!  If coming down CBT consider jumping over to Gold Rush at the Powerline and take Gold Rush down towards town.

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