Trail #: 74
Type: Downhill
Trail Network: Mount 7 >>
Distance: 0.66km
Elevation Gain: 6m
Elevation Loss: 148m
Average Grade: 21%


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Erich’s trail is a fast and technical side hill traverse tying 10K to the end of Skid Marks and the main Race Run.  Accessed from either the 10K trail via the 10K trailhead, or from the Summit trail.[read more]

It begins with a short steep climb after crossing the 10K bridge, before making a quick and technical traverse across the mountain to the ridge line.  A sneaky short cut will enable you to shorten this initial climb by following your first right onto Bris and then immediately cutting back with the next left before it begins to descend.

Erich’s offers plenty for those looking for a more technical trail option or an alternative to the main Race Run descent.  Littered with roots big and small, many of which beg to be doubled and playfully navigated.  However, this will require some finesse to do so.  Erich’s keeps you on your toes at all times, especially as you build speed.  Be wary as many roots will attempt to push you off course, particularly in wet riding conditions.

As the trail nears the ridge line, the traverse is broken up with several fast and loose fall line sections that eventually spit you onto the final leg of Skid Marks.  Continue down Skid Marks for the classic finishing combination of 5K and 3K.

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