Trail #: 29
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Moonrakers >>
Distance: 0.88km
Elevation Gain: 20m
Elevation Loss: 75m
Average Grade: 6%

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Devil’s Slide is one of the faster rides in the Moonraker network.  It is a one-way only trail.  Starting at a radio tower, Devil’s Slide starts with a quick pedal enabling you to build your speed.  Then test yourself by seeing how little speed you have to scrub while descending around the bend as the trail gets faster.  Amazing cornering.[read more]

Devil’s Slide is often reached by first riding Cedar Snag or Arrowhead, the latter of which will line you up nicely to continue onto Devil’s Slide.  From the end of Devil’s Slide you might as well continue south (right) onto Klahowya which will take you to the Canyon Creek lower lookout for a view of the canyon.  Check your map for details.

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