Trail #: 62
Type: Downhill
Trail Network: Mount 7 >>
Elevation Gain: 0m
Elevation Loss: 197m
Average Grade: 62%

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Standing at the top of Mount 7 is the launch site for para-gliders and hang-gliders alike, boasting amazing views of the Columbia valley and the town of Golden. It is also the beginning of the downhill trail named Dead Dog. Dead dog is best known as the start point and first section of Psychosis, which in its time was the longest, most demented single track race during its 10 year tenure. Although the view from the top is magnificent, as soon as you start your decent into this 320m section, the only place you will be looking is straight ahead.[read more]

This trail is not for the faint of heart, or inexperienced rider.  It begins with a shale entrance that should be taken slowly as it is very easy to pickup unwanted speed. It is a loose section that can make for some great controlled brake-carves. There is a good meeting point at the end of the shale to wait for any friends that are joining. Although the rest of the trail ahead is not shale, it does get steeper (yes, steeper) once you enter the trees.  It’s recommended that you give each rider a fair lead before following, as it is very difficult to restart the descent once you have come to a complete stop on the slope. Also loose rocks are often dislodged while descending, and sent towards any rider below you.

The trail is not regularly maintained, and due to its aggressive pitch there is often deep ruts from erosion, exposed roots, and rock.  There are a few catch berms to slow you down during the run, but expect to be using your brakes for the duration of the ride.

It is considered single track, but there are a few areas where the trail breaks into alternate routes, (mainly out of necessity for the rider, due to erosion) around trees, root drops, and small rocky sections.  Best advice is to stay low, keep a rolling speed with consistent braking, and stick to the fall line. It is not recommended to run this trail in wet conditions.

You will have one last steep pitch just before a right hand berm; that berm will link you into the Summit trail. Move your bike down the trail and off to the side so that you can cheer on your friends as they curse their brakes and lack of tread.

Once you have completed Dead Dog, know that you have done what can be considered by most, as the most technical and steep section of Mount 7. Anything after this point will seem much easier.  Now get to the bottom, shuttle back up and try it again!


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