Trail #: 23
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Moonrakers >>
Distance: 1.62km
Elevation Gain: 39m
Elevation Loss: 84m
Average Grade: 3%


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Access Dam Bypass off of Bear Claw and follow along singletrack to a cool bridge over a pond before climbing a few switchbacks. It finishes with a fast, cruise down to a double track. Once at the double track you don’t have to go up to the top of the canyon (a long climb). Instead you can go left and ride down the double track for 1km before turning sharp right on a 3m path. This path will cut over to a point along the lower end of Canyon Creek approximately 100m above the lower lookout and the south end of Moonraker trail.[read more]

This trail can be used to as an alternative approach to reach the upper entrance of Canyon Creek (the more common approach being from Cedar Lake).  From the southern end of the Moonraker trails, Dam Bypass follows singletrack to an old double track road.  From here you can go left (as described above), or alternatively you can go right and climb up for about 4km to the Hydro Powerline.  Upon reaching the Powerline you can head south (left) directly to the canyon and hop onto Canyon Creek at an upper mid point, or you can head north (right) following the Powerline until you find the road taking you to the proper entrance to Canyon Creek.  Take a map to keep things straight.  It’s better to access the Canyon Creek entrance from Cedar Lake.

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