Trail #: 47
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Mountain Shadows >>
Distance: 0.81km
Elevation Gain: 1m
Elevation Loss: 128m
Average Grade: 16%

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Chute the Duck is typically ridden as a descending trail.  It was first established by Trials motorbikes as an access trail into the upper Mountain Shadows trail system.  Due to the nature of the very fast descent on this trail, one must be very aware of the potential for uphill motorized and non-motorized traffic, as well as, road crossings and trail crossings.  Watch when crossing over Selkirk Slacker and then Reflection Lake Trail after that.[read more]

Chute the Duck starts in a logging cut block on an old road, and is best ridden from Huff n Puff or “Quentin’s trails as a continuation heading down hill.  The trail offers generally very fast and relatively smooth riding through forest cover.  It crosses the BC Hydro Powerline road (often motorized traffic) and continues at a fast pace downhill.  It will also cross a couple of other trails (Selkirk Slacker and Reflection Lake Trail) before plopping you out on the road.  At the bottom turn right to head to the Reflection Lake Trailhead.

Along Chute the Duck, there are jump off points for Selkirk Slacker and Refection Lake Trail which offer alternative options to finish or extend your ride depending on where you want to end up.

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