Trail #: 17
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Moonrakers >>
Distance: 4.70km
Elevation Gain: 101m
Elevation Loss: 155m
Average Grade: 1%

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This is another classic trail and is one of the upper most trails in the Moonraker trail network.  It is generally best ridden in a south direction (otherwise it is a rooted climb).  Starting from the Cedar Lake Trailhead ride up the Talus Road for approximately 300 meters, here the best option is too take the North Star entrance.  After approximately 100m on North Star turn sharp right at the signed junction onto Cedar Snag.  Climb up to the top end of Cedar Snag and turn left (south) at the the next signed junction to continue along Cedar Snag.[read more]

The next section of the trail starts off fast, and is a tad rooty and technical.  Eventually the trail will smooth out and become one of the funnest sections of trails in the Moonraker system.  You will find yourself charging through forest, along subtle ridges, diving in and out of corners, and ripping by Third and Fourth Cedar Lakes.

At the southern end of this trail, there is a logging road that has been recently added; continue straight across to re-connect with the trail.   This trail ends by intersecting with NorthStar which if you follow it trending down it will take you onto more superb trails such as Devil’s Slide, Moonraker, and Arrowhead.

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