Trail #: 1
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: CBT >>
Distance: 9.44km
Elevation Gain: 453m
Elevation Loss: 231m
Average Grade: 2%

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The popularity of CBT Mainline has lead to it becoming the backbone for a number of other trails branching off it creating the CBT Mainline trail network. CBT Mainline’s namesake is the Columbia Basin Trust from which GCC received the money to develop this trail.  Most locals simply refer to this trail as “CBT”.[read more]

CBT is most commonly ridden from the CBT Mainline Trailhead parking area. It climbs up gently over numerous natural benches to the Tallis Forest Service Road and Cedar Lake.  Several trails easily accessed off of CBT provide numerous riding options.  Along CBT itself, riders will enjoy the smooth, gradual climb with occasional opportunity to sprint short sections of the trail. Of particular note, the sections of CBT traversing north-south on either side of the BC Hydro Powerline (shown on the map) are especially worth gearing in to middle ring.  If ridden at fast speeds, these tight winding, sections will give you the feeling of flying a podrunner.  Make noise! Let on coming traffic know your presence.

As CBT is the access trail for a number of fun rides.  Be prepared to encounter all your friends, including those descending this trail. CBT is a two-way trail, so please use caution.  GCC supports an “Always Yield Trail” philosophy.  Communicate with those riding towards you and decide who will yield.  If it’s a tight, techy swithback up, consider letting the uphill rider have the right of way.  If it’s a section with a fast cruise downhill, consider letting the downhill rider have the right of way.  This way we all win.

From town to top, CBT is 10kms of escalator climbs and sweet switchies.  Ridden to the top, CBT spits riders out at the trailhead of Odonata at the Cedar Lake access road.  From here it is rider’s choice to head south and ride the Moonraker system; head up Odonata; settle in for a climb up to Canyon Creek or LSD; or loop back the way you came enjoying the fast flow of CBT as you scream “Weeeee” all the way back to town.

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