Trail #: 10
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: CBT >>
Distance: 1.14km
Elevation Gain: 75m
Elevation Loss: 14m
Average Grade: 7%


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One can only assume the name comes from the low grade, constant hum in the background as you ride under the powerline.  Who knows? Maybe it was the murmurings about town when it opened that there was a now a trail that you could use lap the jumpline trail Hymenoptera.  Either way, the name is in keeping with the insect-inspired trail names of the area.

Buzz is located in the powerline right-of-way, linking the Odonata/CBT junction to Hemiptera.  The trail can be ridden in both directions. From the Odonata/CBT junction the Buzz offers an alternative route to Hemiptera, and from there you can continue over to the entrance of Hymenoptera or on to CBT.  Using Buzz, it will take you 8 minutes to ride from the end of Hymenoptera back up to the start. There is also a spur off of Buzz that leads over to a midpoint of Hymenoptera.

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