Trail #: 75
Type: Downhill
Trail Network: Mount 7 >>
Distance: 0.98km
Elevation Gain: 16m
Elevation Loss: 269m
Average Grade: 26%


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Bris is a short double black rated trail between the 10km and 5km trailheads.   It is accessed off of Erich’s trail and then spits you out on the MT 7 shuttle road just up from the 5km entrance.  It highlighted by its one steep and committing fall line section. [read more]

Bris is named after a Jewish ceremony regarded as the formal entry of the a child to the Jewish community.  True to it’s name, this short section of trail can easily be a rite of passage, a preliminary test so to speak, to see if you have the experience, skills and commitment to conquer some of the other steep renowned sections of trail on MT 7.

Bris is accessed after the gully crossing on Erich’s.  Take the first and second rights (the second right being within 10 feet of first right) after the gully and you are now on Bris proper.  One can’t miss this gully, as it’s the first uphill portion of Erich’s trail from the 10K trailhead entrance.  There used to be a 40 foot wooden bridge across the span until it was taken out by deadfall a few years back.

The trail starts out flowy and traverses across the contour with several tighter corners here and there.  The trail then enters an obvious sustained steep section.  There are multiple lines, but all are mostly fall line and there is no ride around.  Once you pass the steep test, the trail regains a bit more flow and you can carry good speed to its exit out to the road.

High five you’re riding partner and perhaps Skid Marks, RTC or the world famous Dead Dog section on Mt 7 are next on your list!

From where Bris spits you out on the road, you can then ride up the road for 1km to hit the B12 entrance, or instead just continue down the road for 200m to reach the entrance for 5K.

Note: because of the silty soils of Bris, it is an absolute grease track when wet and should be avoided in such conditions.

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