Trail #: 21
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Moonrakers >>
Distance: 2.56km
Elevation Gain: 137m
Elevation Loss: 66m
Average Grade: 3%

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Back in the day, Bear Claw used to be the main artery for getting into the Moonrakers from the southern end of the trail network.  It is a long trail connecting from Sander Lake all the way to the Canyon, with several jump off points to other trails.  The lower part of Bear Claw climbs through forest, jumping onto the Tower Road trail for a brief section.  Expect a continuous mild to moderate push up to the top, with a couple of short punchy sections.  The far end of Bear Claw (near the canyon) offers one of the most direct routes back north towards Cedar Lake Trailhead – so a good option after riding trails such as Canyon Creek or Moonraker Trail.

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