Trail #: 78
Type: Downhill
Trail Network: Mount 7 >>
Distance: 3.14km
Elevation Gain: 115m
Elevation Loss: 618m
Average Grade: 16%


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Warning, this trail has significant exposure and fall potential.

If you like old school trails with steep rutted fall lines, this trail is for you.  Very few man made features (one booter and a ramp bridge to get you through a gully) just steep, ride don’t slide kind of riding.  Slippery when wet takes on a whole new meaning on this trail.  Mix in some great Kicking Horse River canyon views and you have a superb loop ride from town, short enough to be an after work ride but long enough to feel complete.[read more]

Access is the same as 5K, just continue on for another 2km on the Mount 7/Peter Bowle Evans FSR past 5K to the B12 marker on your left at 7km.  Control your speed as you drop in; there are some trees that would like to knock you off your bike just before you get to a super tight switch back that always causes your heart to skip a beat no matter how often you ride this trail.  Fast and flowy with sections where you are controlling your speed so much that your forearms cramp along with your calves.  Deep ruts add to the feeling of having your front tire locked in a rail like being in a carwash, not knowing if it is best to keep it there or get out!  Towards the end of the trail just above the campground you come to a steep, slightly gnarly rooted section where the trail reaches a branch point.  Continue straight complete B12 and end at the Rotary Trails near the baseball diamonds, or alternatively go right at the branch point to take Kamikaze to the Municipal campground.

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