Trail #: 66
Type: Downhill
Trail Network: Mount 7 >>
Distance: 1.77km
Elevation Gain: 37m
Elevation Loss: 270m
Average Grade: 13%

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5K is a classic section of trail on the lower part of the main Mount 7 descent trail.  This section of trail gets its name from the entrance being 5km up the Mount 7 road, which is officially called the Peter Bowle-Evans Forest Service Road (FSR).

From Reflection Lake Trailhead, one can bike or shuttle to the 5K entrance.  Alternatively, one can ride up from the Reflection Lake Trailhead using a combination of a old road and double track as an alternative route to the 2.5km point along the FSR road – well worth it.[read more]

The 5K trail starts out with a short, challenging, rooty climb to the main trail.  Mere mortals will give up and walk this section, how about you?  When you reach the main trail, stay right and start descending.  There are a couple of small punchy uphills, then the fast flow starts.  The trail descends along a ridge that opens up at times with views of the valley, though you’ll probably have your eyes glued to the trail.  Rooty, rocky sections of trail and corners continue on for sometime, then a section of the trail known as “Wet Dream” comes up fast.  This section has a few variations that end up in the same place.  The easiest and less committing option is to take the first left, which is also called the 5K Alternate, #71 on the map.  If not taking 5K Alternate to the left, then the main line is straight ahead, and it also has a few variations to descend through a steep technical section of terrain.  There are a couple of larger drops in the vicinity that are worth scouting.

After getting through the aforementioned section the trail starts descending towards the 3K/True Value entrance.

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