Trail #: 14
Type: X-Country
Trail Network: Moonrakers >>
Distance: 5.83km
Elevation Gain: 214m
Elevation Loss: 42m
Average Grade: 3%


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The 2% trail provides an easy route for accessing the Moonrakers via Sternwheeler.  Grind up the first half kilometre of Sternwheeler, then turn right onto the gentle 2% trail and follow easy singletrack to Sander Lake.  From Sander lake you have several options.

The name 2% comes from this trail’s history as an old railway bed dating back to Golden’s logging past.  The southern 1.5km of 2% is singletrack leading to Sander Lake.  From Sander Lake the 2% trail continues, but changes to gravel road for 5.4km leading to Cedar Lake Trailhead.  The road is impassable by car due to a locked gate.

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