Trail #: 73
Type: Downhill
Trail Network: Mount 7 >>
Distance: 0.87km
Elevation Gain: 6m
Elevation Loss: 217m
Average Grade: 24%


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The 10K trail is a good early season starting point for access to a number of other Mt 7 trails.  It connects to Jeep, Summit, Bris, and Erich’s.  Don’t be fooled though, 10K is more than just a connector trail.  It is challenging unto itself with off-camber roots, rocks, ruts and abrupt corners providing a great warmup for all intersecting trails.

Not highly recommended in the rain.  However, using Jedi Force if you are light on the brakes and just heavy enough on the gas staying as high as you can on the off-camber, then 10K can be one of the only trails on Mt 7 where you can let it roll and give your brakes a break.

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