We heard some people were skiing yesterday. This meant short lines and few people on the snow shoe trails. The snow was deep and a bit isothermic but we shred it nonetheless. A few volunteers wrestled a few 8 foot sign posts into the Moonrakers around Sander Lake and the Canyon. We changed out a few signs and marked a few new short trails. What’s this all about?


This year riders will notice there are some changes in the lower Canyon Creek and Sander Lake area of the Moonrakers. These changes iron out some confusion and enhance the overall flow of the trails in this area. The new maps this year will have these trails listed the way they were marked yesterday. The changes are as follows:

  1. Private Lands Trail from the Canyon to Sander Lake is now called Wapti Ridge. There is a short East West section joining Klahowya and Wapti Ridge close to the top of Sternwheeler. It is still signed Private Lands Trail.
  2. Klahowya running from the Kiosk at  Canyon Creek is now marked as a blue trail. It is also shown on the maps this year as extending from the Canyon all the way back to Sander Lake. This replaces the Ptarmigan Trot trail on the West side of the lake.
  3. We carried sign posts in for a new short trail connecting Klahowya and Wapti (new versions) about 500m South of the South end of Sander Lake. This trail will allow users to loop back to Sander Lake or to Sternwheeler quickly.
  4. We also removed Windigo Chute and Kissime lookout from our inventory of trails this year and will not be maintaining these trails. We took down the signs.

THANK YOU to the RESORT MUNICIPALITY INITIATIVE (RMI) for providing funds for trail signs!

If you are interested in volunteering or helping out on the trails, how about you leave your email with our Volunteer Coordinator, Rebecka? She will contact you with different opportunities to help out at voly days and other trail days. Email her at rebeckarm@gmail.com