Hey Everyone!

If your recall last year’s start to the season, we were well underway at this point! This year, evidence is that folks are itching to spin and are just shy of taking things into their own hands with blow dryers and portable generators to get the trails clear!

If you are looking to get out and feel dry solid dirt there are a couple of options. First, one could opt to head south. Reports from Invermere seem to indicate their trails are snow free and dry. The other option is to ride the only short, snow free, loop in town. Ride 7 Up from Kieth King up to the flats and Berminator down and you’ve got yourself a 10 minute lap. Session that a few times and you’ll get your legs ready for openings around the trail network.

A couple of us were up with bikes yesterday checking out the Mountain Shadows Network. Selkirk Slacker is good to about the Bridge Over Snake Hill  and then it is a push through a lot of isothermic snow. Head up higher and the wagon road and power lines are muddy and still snow covered. We rode up to check out the entrance to Shacher and it is under quite a bit of snow still. Unfortunately our best estimate, given the current weather forecast, is to wait a week and check it out again.

Until then, ride some fast short loops!