The Mountain Shadows lie on the east side of the Columbia Valley, on the edge of Rocky Mountains.  Developed over a seemingly short period of time, these trails were originally established by motorized trials bike riders.  They were further developed by local mountain bike riders independent of the Golden Cycling Club.  In 2013, GCC took over the maintenance and stewardship of these trails under a Section 57 agreement issued by the province (MFLNRO).

Many people will tell you that the Mtn Shadows are their favourite trail system to ride in the area.  The flavour of the day is fast and technical riding with a decent amount of rocky, tricky bits.  In general you will find that you spend the first half of your ride pedalling and climbing, and then finally have a killer return consisting of easy pedalling and fast descending.  Check out our suggested rides for Mtn Shadows and you won’t be disappointed.  However, it’s hard to choose a disappointing route in this network. Don’t forget to get a map and the Trailforks app.

The Mtn Shadows are usually the first trails to dry out.  The rock becomes slick when it rains.  Given that dirt trails make up the bulk of this system, there is still ample riding when it’s wet.

There are many different ways to ride the Mtn Shadows network, but there are a few trails that are commonly ridden downhill at fast speeds.  Although these trails are most commonly ridden in the down direction, they are still considered two way – so heads up!  These trails are Chute the Duck, Magic Dragon (from the Cliffside/Magic Dragon junction), Huff & Puff north (see its description for details), and Roller Coaster.  The rest of the trails commonly get ridden in both directions.

The trails in Mtn Shadows are well marked with a signed flexipost at every junction.  The exception being the upper Cliff Side trail where there are several unsigned trials bike trails.  See the Cliff Side descriptions for tips on how to navigate along this trail.


For the Mtn Shadows trails there are two main entrances into the trail network: Reflection Lake Trail (#45) and Selkirk Slacker (#44).  Both start from Reflection Lake Trailhead parking area which can be reached by biking or driving 1km south of town on Hwy 95 then turning left onto Reflection Lake Rd.  The Reflection Lake Trailhead parking area is down another 0.4km on your right.

Reflection Lake Trail (#45) is an excellent gradual, but sustained, climb that ascends right into the heart of the network.  From Reflection Lake Trailhead parking area ride south along the paved Mountain Shadows Rd for 500m passing the rodeo grounds on your left and the motorcross track on your right.  At the 500m point, the start of the trail is on your left and is signed “Reflection Lake Trail” (#45).  It is slightly hidden by small trees just past a small sand/gravel pit.

The other common entrance to the Mtn Shadows trail network is via Selkirk Slacker (#44).  From Reflection Lake Trailhead ride uphill  for 200m on the gravel road passing the rodeo grounds on your right.  At the 200m point, you will see a signed entrance for the singletrack trail Rodeo Drive (#43).  Take Rodeo Drive (#43) all the way up to a 4 way junction at a gravel road.  The signed entrance to Selkirk Slacker (#44) will be just to your right.

Selkirk Slacker (#44) eventually intersects with Reflection Lake Trail (#45) and continues on as Reflection Lake Trail (#45).


Trails Map