mount 7 downhill biking in golden bc

Golden’s hotspot for downhill shuttle laps can be found on Mount 7, the prominent peak just east of town.  Named for the ephemeral 7 that appears high on the ridgeline each spring, this trail network has been the heart of local downhill riding for many years.

Mount 7 was once home to the infamous Psychosis Race where World Cup racers would come to pit themselves against the mountain.  Some succeeded, but many failed. The Psychosis Race is long gone, but you can still challenge the mountain.

Over the years, the mainly old-school style trails have taken on a rougher and more rugged appearance.  It’s character can be summarized as steep!  It’s no bike park, just pure, proper downhill riding.

Hunt about, or ask the locals, and you’ll find some hidden gems tucked away: wood features, gap jumps, cliff drops, and double blacks to challenge the most seasoned rider.  Many of these trails were originally built underground, so best to scout them first.

Some new XC trails are starting to be developed on Mount 7.  Namely the bidirectional XC trail Schacher, which aims to eventually climb right up to the Launch site.   Currently its high point is approximately 6km up the Mount 7 road.


The staging area for shuttling Mount 7 is at the Reflection Lake Trailhead parking area; complete with washrooms and an info kiosk.  All Mount 7 trails return to this point.  It is also the parking area for the Mtn Shadows XC network, so you can mix it up or split up if you have a diverse group.

The Reflection Lake Trailhead parking area can be reached by biking or driving 1km south of town on Hwy 95, then turning left onto Reflection Lake Rd.  The Reflection Lake Trailhead parking area is down another 0.4km on your right.

From this parking area trails are accessed via the Bowle-Evans Forest Service Rd, a 14km long dirt road leading to the top of the trail network.  Along the way there are also parking areas at 3km, 5km,and 10km for multiple trail options. This is a multi-use road shared by hand gliders, hikers, sightseers and also bikers who wish to earn their downhills, so drive with care and consideration.

The road does get graded about once a year, but it can still be rough in places and dusty in the summer.  During the spring melt, the road can take until the beginning of June to fully dry out.  Expect the road to be gated at the 10km mark if you come early season.


Trails Map