Looking for top notch cross country riding?  This is it.  The CBT Mainline trails.  Think high quality trails with awesome lines.  The smooth flow nature of the trails is consistent with the riding found elsewhere on this side of the valley, however there’s more to it than that.  The CBT Mainline trails were built for riders.  The flow is fast and continuous.  There are options for airtime with two machine built jump trails.  We believe you should earn your rides, so ideally you ride from the bottom up to get your payload.

Located on the west side of the Columbia Valley in the Purcell Mountains.  The CBT Mainline trails can be reached within a 10 minute pedal from Spirit Square (town centre).  The excellent quality of riding, combined with the quick access from town, make these trails the go to spot for rides lasting from 30 minutes to several hours.  Additionally, these trails can be used to access the Moonraker network for loops up to 5 hours long.

This area originally started as one trail called the CBT Mainline trail.  The idea in 2010 was to give local riders a trail right from town that could be used to reach the Moonraker trail system.  However, the CBT Mainline trail proved to be outstanding.  It became a ride on it’s own rather than just a conduit to reach more riding.  From this sprouted more trails until the area became a network in itself.  Today the CBT Mainline network contains nine trails – all built with biking in mind (with one exception).  The main artery of this network is still the CBT Mainline trail, which we refer to locally simply as “CBT”.

The CBT Mainline network extends down the east slope of the Dogtooth Range of the Purcell Mountains.  The most popular access is from the base of the ski hill road either by riding from town or parking at the CBT Mainline Trailhead parking area.  Starting from the lower end will have you riding a very enjoyable 10km singletrack climb to the top of the CBT Mainline network.  Don’t worry, it’s awesome.  You don’t even have to go the whole way to still get a great loop – but it’s worth it if you do.  Interspersed on the climb are a couple of fast, tight winding sections which can’t be beat.  There is the option to park at the top and ride the trails from there – the play first, pay later option – riding back up the trail to your car at the end of your ride.  This is not considered shuttling and is cool.  And now a word on shuttling: we prefer to limit shuttling of CBT to young families and new riders.  Please don’t hasten the wear of our favourite trails by pounding them out on a shuttled run.  Thanks.

The trails in the CBT Mainline are well marked with a signed 4×6 post at every junction.  Still, take a map and get the Trailforks app.

Note: the name comes from the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) granting program which funded the initial trail, as well as, many other GCC projects.  We think they got their money’s worth.


There are two main Trailhead parking areas used to access the CBT Mainline trail network.  Each has parking space, a vault toilet, and a kiosk with map.  There are also two other access points that have limited parking space, but no toilet or kiosk as of yet.

CBT Mainline Trailhead: This is the most common start point.  From town bike or drive up the ski hill road crossing over the Columbia River on the one lane bridge. Just 300m from this bridge you will see the CBT Mainline Trailhead parking area with its kiosk on your right.  Park there and start your ride on the trail crossing the road at the far end of the parking lot.  Note: you’ll be biking up for a long ways from here, but it’s good.  Everyone’s doing it.

Cedar Lake Trailhead: From town drive up the ski hill road (Kicking Horse Trail) for approximately 6.5km past the Columbia river bridge and turn left onto the Tallis Forest Service Road.  There is a large sign for Cedar Lake and Moonrakers marking this turnoff.  Continue down Tallis Forest Service Road for almost 2km, then turn left again and you’ll see the Cedar Lake Trailhead parking area with the Moonrakers kiosk.  From here you can bike back 0.5km along the road you just drove to reach the upper end of the CBT Mainline network.

Odonata Access Point: From town drive up the ski hill road (Kicking Horse Trail) for approximately 6.5km past the Columbia river bridge.  At approximately the 6.5 mark you will see a large sign for Cedar Lake and Moonrakers marking the left turn onto the Tallis Forest Service Road.  Don’t turn here but instead park on your right in the gravel pull out just 10m further along the main road past these signs.  Park here and start your ride at a signed entrance for Odonata across the road 15m before the Tallis Forest Service Road turnoff point.  Odonata will lead you to the rest of the upper CBT Mainline trails.

KHMR: If staying at KHMR, you will soon able to access the Moonrakers via the new singletrack trail Scalli Mag.  This trail is due to be completed during the summer of 2016.  Take Scalli Mag down to Odonata which will take you to the CBT Mainline trails, as well as within 0.5km of Cedar Lake Trailhead and the Moonrakers.  Remember, at the end of your ride, you’ll have a climb back up to KHMR whether it be by road or by Scalli Mag.


Trails Map