Hey Everyone!

The Golden Cycling Club is proud to announce the Golden 24 is back for another season in beautiful Golden! In fact, it is likely most of you knew this already, (but our website makes everything so official!)

It is important for our membership to know that the club has been working over the off season with the management of Trans Rockies to craft a plan for an ongoing partnership with a focus on trail sustainability. Last year we saw some of the effects of running large events on our trail networks. The type of weather we experienced last year – fingers crossed – is not characteristic of normal weather patterns in Golden. Yes, it rains more in June. But the rain was unrelenting. The plan we have established ensures shared responsibility for the rehabilitation of Golden’s trails following the race.

The GCC and Trans will assess the race course pre-race and post-race to document any changes to the course that require rehabilitation and then address the problem areas as soon as possible. Furthermore, the race course will be the same as last year.

With the planning and collaboration that has taken place over the winter, we hope members will join us in supporting and participating in this awesome event. Despite the weather last year, we were all moved by the support and camaraderie developed among teams in the race. Feats of pure courage and strength were witnessed throughout the weekend!

Should you have any questions about how this event is supported or how trail sustainability is built into our partnership on this event, please contact Steve Wyer.

Lastly, get your team signed up today! Early bird registration ends at midnight tonight!

Can’t wait to be back on bikes!