BUZZ, the latest trail in the Mainline network has just opened*. The trail is located in the power line right of way linking the Odonata/CBT junction to Hemiptera trail by the orange gate.
The trail can be ridden in both directions. From the Odonata/CBT junction the new trail offers access to Hemiptera, and from there you can continue to the entrance of Hymenoptera. Using Buzz, it will take you 8 minutes to ride from the end of Hymenoptera back up to the start. There is also a spur off of Buzz that leads over to lower Hymenoptera.
Buzz is a volunteer build project completed by Bruce Tobias and Rick Seward. They were helped by the Columbia fire crew out of Revelstoke and the participants of the Mark Wood trails workshop during their hands-on session.

*The trail is open but a 100m section in the middle has yet to be built. A ride around by way of the access road is available. Very obvious.