Because of the precautions needed to slow the spread of Covid-19, we will be postponing the AGM indefinitely. While it would be ideal to have everyone in the same room, celebrating cycling in Golden, we acknowledge that it may come to having the AGM online. We are able to delay the AGM by three months and in that time we will keep you posted on how we will proceed.

At this time of the year, trails are getting near and biking is on everyone’s mind. With the cold temps and deep snow, we are still a few weeks from opening. As per usual, we ask everyone to be patient with trails and to let them dry out properly. A recently snow-free trail may look good, but the melting frost deep in the soil makes it very easy to leave large ruts and do lots of damage. So please, give it time to melt and dry.

Berminator is usually the first trail to be snow free but this year you will not be able to ride it right away as we are rebuilding it as soon as conditions allow! The goal is to lessen the grade of the lower section, eliminate brake bumps, and rebuild berms where needed. This project could take up to two weeks from the time the ground is thawed. Please look out for signage and stay off Berminator while it is being worked on.

Covid-19 has been the story of the year and it will be affecting biking. Our goal is to keep you riding so we are developing a set of guidelines to keep you safe and keep the trails open. Please stay tuned as we release these guidelines nearer to the beginning of bike season.

Your local bike stores are operating during these times. Contact them to see the measures they are taking to stay safe but offer their great services at the same time.

Stay safe and stay home as much as possible.