Twelve participants were lucky to receive a free two day trail building workshop with Mark Wood from Trail Holistics. Mark has been instrumental in the renovation of ribbons of older trail and features on the North Shore. He brought with him a keen eye and some stoke to motivate builders in Golden. Thankfully, he stayed on a couple of days and took in some riding on our signature trails.

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Thanks to all the participants, riders in Golden have a new Right of Way access trail to gain the middle section of Hymenoptera. The builders used their tuned up knowledge of sustainable practice and dirt molding to cut a bit of a climber in for those who want to session the jump trail. This trail heads off from the intersection of Odanata, CBT, and Alpine Meadows just below Cedar Lake Road.

A big thank you goes out to Bruce Tobias who organized the event, to Rose for preparing meals for all the participants, and to Rebecka for putting up with Mark as a guest in her home!