Type: X-Country
Distance: 6.52km
Ride Time: 1 to 1.5 hrs
Elevation Gain: 366m
Elevation Loss: 367m

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From Reflection Lake Trailhead parking area ride south along the paved Mountain Shadows Rd for 300m passing the Rodeo grounds on your left and the Motorcross track on your right.  The start of the trail is signed “Reflection Lake Trail” (#45), but slightly hidden by small trees on your left just past a small sand/gravel pit.

After 1.4km Reflection Lake Trail (#45) eventually turns into Quentin’s trail (#46) at the Powerline road.  Continue on this until you pass between a “V” slot formed by two trees.  At that point take the sharp left and climb up for 7m crossing a skidder road back onto Quentin’s (#46).  Continue along Quentin’s (#46) and into the open cut block.  Follow along riding over the boardwalk and the down the big dip.  After another 200m hook up into Cliff Side (#52) across the denuded old landing.  Cliffs Side (#52) has some challenging; punchy short climbs along with some rock steps.  Follow the signs for Cliff Side (#52) and eventually you will arrive at viewpoint and excellent break spot with a bench.

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From here on the trail becomes a bit braided (trials bike trails in this area).  Follow the main line, though there are a few choices that end up in the same place.  Always try and stay high until you reach the signed Cliff Side (#52)/Magic Dragon (#51) junction.  Avoid trails that start to drop right quickly, Cliff Side (#52) is the highest trail that traverses at the top of the Mtn Shadows network.  When you finally arrive at an intersection with Magic Dragon (#51), it’s all about the down.  Descend fast and flowy trail with excellent corners.  Eventually you will come to another intersection, take a right hand turn onto Huff n Puff (#50).  Tear down this and cross through an open area bringing you back to the start of Cliff Side (#52).  This time look to your left for the signed entrance into Chute the Duck (#47).  Charge down this, crossing over the Powerline Road and continue to the next junction where you turn right onto Selkirk Slacker (#44).  Continue on Selkirk Slacker (#44) until you reach the high bridge crossing over Snake Hill (#68) (which is actually a gully).  After looking uphill, jump into Snake Hill (#68), go under the bridge, and enjoy the high bermed walls all the way to the bottom and back to Reflection Lake Trailhead.

Note: when coming down Chute the Duck (#47) an alternative would be to cross right over Selkirk Slacker (#44) for a steep down hill all the way to the bottom paved road leading back to Reflection Lake Trailhead.

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