Type: X-Country
Distance: 11.44km
Ride Time: 1.5 to 2 hrs
Elevation Gain: 413m
Elevation Loss: 403m

Included Trails


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From the Cedar Lake Trailhead go up the gravel road for 250m leading towards Cedar Lake itself – watch for the signed start of Arrowhead (#12) on your left.  Climb up Arrowhead (#12) and enjoy the speedy decent heading south for about 800m.  Ride Arrowhead (#12) all the way to it’s southern end for a total length of 4.3km – make sure you hit the left hand turn down the hill at the junction with Better than Boston (#19) in order to stay on Arrowhead (#12).  Turn right (north) onto Bear Claw (#21) at the end of Arrowhead (#12).  Stay on Bear Claw (#21) by turning left at the junction with North Star (#16).  Follow Bear Claw (#21) as it climbs up out of the swamp and down to the junction with Moonraker Trail (#28).  Climb up Moonraker (#28) and enjoy the fast, fun descent to the canyon.  Take in the Canyon view.[read more]

For the return to Cedar Lake Trailhead from the canyon lookout, ride back up the last 100m if Moonraker (#28) that you just rode.  This time turn left at the Moonraker (#28)/Bear Claw (#21) junction onto Bear Claw (#21) and follow it back to the Bear Claw (#21)/North Star (#16) junction (note: en route you will pass the beginning of Dam Bypass (#23) and also the north entrance of Moonraker Trail (#28)).  At the Bear Claw (#21)/North Star (#16) junction follow straight through on North Star (#16) for 100m and then turn right onto Better than Boston (#19).  Follow Better than Boston back (#16) to Arrowhead (#12).  Take Arrowhead (#12) north (ie. follow the sign “to Arrowhead” up the hill) and stay on Arrowhead (#12) until branching left onto Barking Dog (#18).  A quick speed decent on Barking Dog (#18) past Cedar Lake 2 brings you to the junction of Cedar Camp (#15).  Go for a swim at Second Cedar Lake off of the gravel point, then ride the Cedar Camp (#15) trail back to either the Cedar Lake Trailhead or onward to CBT Mainline (#1) and back to the valley bottom and town.

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