When you finally break out of the trees at the top of your 14+km accent of Mt 7 on the Schacher Trail, you will be met with a scenic resting spot. The Schacher pavilion is a structure erected at the launch pad of Mt 7 at the end of the gruelling, but rewarding, climb up the Schacher trail.

The final phases of the Schacher trial have been roughed in and will be tuned and smoothed out soon. The Schacher trail was a vision for Jeremy and Sean, and it has been for the club over the last four years. I’m sure the Tuesday crew will be all over it in no time!

A deeply heart-felt thank you to Jeff and Stephanie Bowes, and the hard working crew from Canadian Timber Frames, for donating and raising the Schacher Pavilion at the Mount 7 launch this weekend! This project would not have become a reality without their kind and generous support. Cheers to all who took part!

Work will continue through the summer and fall to enhance the pavilion, and make it a welcome sight at the top of an epic climb!