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The iconic Psychosis downhill race is set to return to the legendary Mount 7 “Race Line” in Golden, BC, on June 22nd to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of downhill mountain biking’s most legendary races.


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With gratitude, the Golden Cycling Club would like to acknowledge that the trails we recreate on are on the homelands of the Ktunaxa and Secwépemc people and the chosen home of the Metis Nation Columbia River Society.


Photo: Jake Paddon


GOLDEN, BC – The Golden Cycling Club is incredibly excited to announce the return of one of downhill mountain biking’s most iconic races, Psychosis. On June 22nd, 2024, racers will return to the Mount 7 “Race Line” under the official Psychosis banner for the first time since 2008 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this legendary race. Dubbed by Red Bull  “the world’s most demented downhill race”, this will be the event of the decade!


“Closing the doors on Psychosis in 2008 allowed the Golden Cycling Club to move in a different direction and better develop the trail network around Golden. Every year since then, people have wanted to know when Psychosis would return. Riders would come to Golden just to ride Dead Dog and say “I wish Psychosis would come back”!  Once the dust settled people resigned themselves to the fact that it would not happen again. Then boom! Covid happened and Crankworx held an A- list, invite only event and the response from all the riders was how amazing the Psychosis race line is and how much fun they had. Fast forward 15 years since the last race in its original format, we’re honouring the 25th anniversary, remembering the pioneers of the event and the good times had at the previous races held. We’re giving another chance for all those who were too young to race it 15 years ago, and another kick at the can for some of us who are probably too old to be racing it again. 

Back in the early days, Cycling BC classified it as an XC event on our insurance, as it was so long and had uphills.  So it can’t be that hard to race, can it?”

– Andy Bostock, Golden Cycling Club


First raced in 1998, Psychosis quickly became widely regarded as one of the most physically demanding, and technically challenging races a rider could tackle. Taking a look back through the history books, the results sheets read like the mountain bike hall of fame. From 1998 to 2008, riders such as Chris Kovarik, Stevie Smith, Sam Hill, Claire Buchar, Tyler Morland, Curtis Keene, Nathan Rennie, Kyle Strait, and so many more, put their skills to the test on this infamous course. 

Psychosis is back, and it’s going to be wilder than ever! Photographer: Reuben Krabbe

“Most people wouldn’t know that I won Red Bull Mt. 7 Psychosis 3 times…in 2006, 2007 and 2008. It is still, to this day, one of the most insane tracks I’ve ever raced. Especially with where I was at with my skills back then and the DH Bike geometry, wheel size, tires, brakes and equipment we had. There are so many moments and memories from those events that I still talk about today. I’m stoked to see it return to the race schedule so that the current generation of Psychos can get a taste!”

 – Claire Buchar, 3 x Psychosis Winner and Mountain Bike Legend


Over those 10 years, Psychosis was the ultimate test of man and machine. For those not so familiar with the course, here’s a few stats:

  • 7.3km in total length
  • 1200m (4000ft) of vertical descent
  • The steepest grade on the course is over 80 degrees!
  • 1 lung busting, mid-run, hike-a-bike
  • Incredibly fast, tight, and high consequence straights

We’ve come a long way since 2008, but one thing hasn’t changed… Photographer – Reuben Krabbe

Dead Dog. It’s still steep! Photographer – Reuben Krabbe

“Race Line” is no joke! It embodies everything that old school downhill was about, and we could not be more excited to bring that back. The legend of this course has been around the globe and back. Featured in many of the old school publications such as BIKE, Decline magazine, and Dirt magazine, as well as showcased in “The Collective – Seasons” movie, there is nothing else like it. The steep scree aptly named “Dead Dog”, a road gap, and the treacherous rocky and rooty sections are enough to make the most seasoned pro’s shake in their boots. There is no doubt about it, racing Psychosis is an art. The current official Psychosis event course record of 12:35.14 was set by Chris Kovarik in 2008. However, during Crankworx’s 2020 Summer Series, Mount 7 welcomed a small group of world class athletes back to the treacherous course, where Henry Fitzgerald put down a blistering time of 11:19.19. The stage is set for 2024, and history books are ready to be re-written! 


Henry Fitzgerald put down a blistering time in 2020. Will he be back to defend it in 2024? Photographer – Chris Pilling


This 25th anniversary event is as much a celebration and a throwback to simpler times as it is a race. First and foremost, we want to give those that raced it previously a chance to dust off the race rig and have another crack. The first 100 entries will be held for previous racers, while the remaining 100 will be available to the public. We expect these 100 spots to sell out fast!  

We’re keeping things old school when it comes to race categories. Amateurs and Pros alike will duke it out together in respective Open Men’s and Open Women’s categories. Last but not least, we want to pay homage to the old schoolers among us by bringing back the Hardtail, and 26” categories for anyone brave enough to put it all on the line. With big risk comes even bigger bragging rights!


Tom Bradshaw was the last brave (or crazy) soul to race this daunting course on a hardtail. Good news though.. The hardtail category is back for 2024! Photographer – Chris Pilling


Now some of you may have read this, and are wondering about the dates, thinking to yourself that something doesn’t quite add up. You might be right! While technically 2023 was the 25th anniversary, we needed a little extra time to put it all together, and get the details confirmed. But we can assure you, the wait was worth it! Psychosis is back for a one time only appearance, and this 25th anniversary celebration event celebration will be one for the history books.



Registration will go live on January 15th, 2024 for previous participants.

Remaining spots will be open to the public February 1, 2024. 

More information will be available via Instagram and Facebook in the near future. For now, lock in June 22nd on the calendar, book the holiday, call in sick, do whatever you have to do to make sure you’re in Golden for Psychosis. You do not want to miss this. For the tentative weekend schedule, click here.

  • $200 per rider.
  • Registration will be limited to 200 riders.
  • The first 100 entries will be reserved for previous Psychosis participants.
  • No refunds, but transfers will be considered with a $30 fee.

The registration site will be posted via social media in early January.



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